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  • Baby Olas | Parque Warner Beach
  • Baby Olas | Parque Warner Beach
  • Baby Olas | Parque Warner Beach
Parque Warner Beach
Maximum Height
110 cm
Minimum Age:
Sin restricción
Minimum Height
Sin restricción
Minimum Height Accompanied:
0 cm to 110cm

Baby Olas is a wave pool for little ones at Malibu Beach. Deliciously themed with a surf school and some beach houses that our LOONEY TUNES visit (amongst which are the inevitable WILE E. COYOTE, who abandons his normal desert to have a day at the beach).

We are in a water park designed and inspired by the Warner universe: colourful, crazy and very, very fun.

Ideal space where boys and girls have a great time whilst splashing around in the company of the animated stars of Warner Bros. Will they be able to avoid the small waves of the children's pool? We'll see! We're sure it'll be hard to get them out of the water!

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