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  • Playa Malibú | Parque Warner Beach
  • Playa Malibú | Parque Warner Beach
  • Playa Malibú | Parque Warner Beach
Parque Warner Beach
Maximum Height
Sin restricciones
Minimum Age:
Sin restricciones
Minimum Height
Minimum Height Accompanied:
100cm to 120cm

There is indeed a beach here, a very good beach. None other than Malibu Beach, the Warner Park beach, the beach of Madrid. A coastal area with a curious backdrop: the most spectacular roller coasters in Europe (Stunt Fall y SUPERMAN™: La Atracción de Acero).

Where there is no lack of natural sand and water at our family wave pool, with an area for adults and children. Comfortable and colourful hammocks are dispersed, with a lifeguard tower that separates both pools, and inspired by our beach loving LOONEY TUNES.

Relax on the deck chairs at Malibu Breach whilst you listen to the splashing of the bathers in the heat of summer. Have a dip, and see for yourself how refreshing the pool waves are. Malibu Beach is the star attraction of Parque Warner Beach. A beach designed and inspired by our cartoons, our favourite beach. And without having to leave Madrid!

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