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  • Río Loco | Parque Warner Beach
  • Río Loco | Parque Warner Beach
  • Río Loco | Parque Warner Beach
Parque Warner Beach
Minimum Height Accompanied:
90cm to 120cm

Rio Loco is found in Hanna-Barbera territory (it is inspired by the famous cartoons from the cartoon factory).

Almost 400 metres of course that you can journey through on a rubber ring -the same one that you are given at the entrance to this water ride at Parque Warner Beach. Wally Gator, Magilla Gorilla, YOGUI BEAR and Bubu form part of your winding journey, a crazy water adventure to be enjoyed with the whole family!

Be careful though, you are going to come up against a tank with 10,000 litres of water, which is about to pour into the river! The tsunami will be just around the corner, so.... are you looking to chill out? Because Rio Loco might not be the right place!

Get soaking wet on a course that runs around the water park of Warner Park, with its three metres in height, get ready to take on a water army of rubber rings! Come to Rio Loco!

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