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  • Agua Aventura | Parque Warner Beach
  • Agua Aventura | Parque Warner Beach
Parque Warner Beach
Maximum Height
Sin restricción
Minimum Age:
8 years old
Minimum Height
Minimum Height Accompanied:
100cm to 120cm

An island full of slides and games, surrounded by hammocks, with jets of water all over and lots of colour. No, it's not in your imagination, it's a dream come true! And you can find it at Parque Warner Beach.

This is Agua Aventura, the recreational and most refreshing and unexpected water area... Tread carefully, you can get soaking wet in just a second! In this passage of the water park you will get wet, without a doubt. This attraction has 8 slides to guarantee maximum fun .

Agua Aventura is divided into a section -that of the Baby LOONEY TUNES- for the smallest visitors (there you will find a great deal of water fun, waterfalls and a slide). There is also another area intended for bigger children and adults, in which you will find the famous "water barrel" that every so often empties its content. Water for everyone!

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