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  • ¡Todos al agua! | Parque Warner Beach
  • ¡Todos al agua! | Parque Warner Beach
  • ¡Todos al agua! | Parque Warner Beach
Parque Warner Beach
Minimum Age:
0 to 8 years old
Minimum Height Accompanied:
Always accompanied

¡Todos al Agua! is the island for the smallest members of the family that come to Parque Warner Beach, accompanied by their mums and dads. And Agua Aventura is an area that may seem big to some of our smallest visitors...

However, you don't need to worry if you come to the Warner Bros. water park with the family: this children's island is ideal for the youngest of swimmers.
This attraction has 6 slides for you to throw thru them.

In ¡Todos al Agua! there is only one rule: have a great time. It is a great water challenge, have fun and learn -whilst playing-, in a water setting that has a large orange slide, as well as other smaller ones, mini mushrooms that spray jets of water, and many other games for children aged between 0 and 8 years old.

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Children under 1m Free!

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