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  • Gran Kahuna | Parque Warner Beach
  • Gran Kahuna | Parque Warner Beach
Parque Warner Beach

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Gran Kahuna is an expression related with surfing culture -that is how the leader of a group of surfers was called in "Gidget", a film from the end of the 1950s starring Sandra Dee and Cliff Robertson-.

It is also the name of the super restaurant of Warner Park Beach: the favourite place for Pebbles and Bam-Bam to visit, the little ones of the Flintstones family and their friends, the Rubbles.

To get there they go in their footmobile when they want to recharge their batteries: they need not look any further than beyond their hammocks where they can try the delicious menu of a restaurant that is pure BBQ (endless barbecues!).

And to continue you can replenish strength taking a delicious coffee zero ice cream, granita, or a fantastic Sandy ice cream.

Burgers, rubs, steaks, skewers, grilled chicken, and much more! Gran Kahuna is also a restaurant with a range of gluten-free options. Ask the staff for more information if that is your case (or any of your companions). Come and enjoy the delicious food at this restaurant in Parque Warner Beach!

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